About Us

Thousands of Sites. Millions of Active Users. 24×7 Protection.

When it comes to protecting your premier properties, you want the best. You want convenience, enhanced security, performance, and insight. You want a security partner who’s a leader, not just a follower. An innovator, not just an integrator. You want Kastle Systems.

The Security Pioneers

The Kastle story is one of big ideas. More than four decades ago, at a time when security meant installing a system, Kastle understood that “security as a service” was the wave of the future.

In 1972, Kastle pioneered managed access for real estate owners, and the whole industry changed. Suddenly, premier property owners could take advantage of the latest technology developments without having to become security experts themselves.

But the pioneering didn’t stop there.

As the company expanded across the U.S. and opened its Australian operations in 1981, Kastle continued to lead the industry, introducing innovations along the way such as video and visitor management.

From the start, we have valued innovation and invested in technology to expand the definition of security. Because for us, security is about more than preventing break-ins; it’s about making spaces safer, more convenient, and more efficient for the people who use them.

An employee’s digital credential for coworking access control

Security. At Your Service.

What makes Kastle exceptional is our focus on security as a managed service. It’s all we do, and all we’ve ever done. We have built our company on the belief that the most effective approach is a complete one: because we engineer, install, monitor, and maintain your system, we are invested in its end-to-end performance.

We recognise that technology alone does not secure employees and assets. It’s Kastle’s reliable people and processes combined with our advanced technology that ensures complete protection. Innovative outsourced security services significantly reduce costs and improve the critically important, 24×7 performance of security systems for building owners, developers, and tenants.