Cloud Video Surveillance

Maintain Security and Reduce Operating Cost

KastleSafeVideo is a robust remote video platform that can maintain security while also reducing operating costs with the application Kastle’s cutting edge video technology, supported by multiple patents in AI-based video surveillance. It provides clients with powerful video analytics and remote guarding services to bolster security without increasing staff in commercial and multifamily properties.

Clients can either:

  • Self-monitor their spaces with live viewing, recorded event clips and push notifications, or
  • Employ Kastle’s monitoring expertise using smart cameras with artificial intelligence to provide real-time incident response from a new U.S.-based Video Security Operations Center (VSOC).

The live VSOC-supported options can help augment or replace guard staff:

  • Dispensing live remote audio talk-down to dissuade on-premise intruders
  • Remote video patrols to make regular video sweeps across a property.

Simply Redefined

Video is an essential part of any security operation today because it offers you something unique and valuable – a visual understanding of your property and potential security incidents.

Older systems often fall short in what they provide or what they enable you to easily do. In today’s world, you need crisp, highly detailed video images to perform an operational audit or to use as evidence. You also benefit from pulling up video from anywhere, on any device, in order to quickly assess, share and utilise the situational information. Finally, searching video should be lightning fast as opposed to something that takes days and special expertise to do. For the latest in video – and the industry’s #1 cloud-based video surveillance solution according to Security Industry Association – look no further than KastleVideo®.

A security video system on mobile devices

High Definition Video Anywhere, Anytime, On Any Device

Thanks to advances in cameras, KastleVideo allows you to receive and view highly detailed images with the type of definition you’d expect when watching an HD movie. Another feature: You can access your video cameras – anytime and anywhere – to monitor what’s happening in real time or to review past events. Your home computer, laptop, surface tablet, and even your smartphone are now tools in your tool kit for video surveillance – and you can do this securely using built-in encrypted communications. The best part is, it’s more economical – our systems are designed to work with or upgrade your existing video system.


A Breakthrough in Video Search

Need to go back and pull video evidence? Spending too much time scrolling through hours of video to find one particular incident? With our revolutionary search engine, you can find relevant video in seconds. Whether you are looking for something that happened during the past hour or the past week, enter the time frame you want to investigate and our video system search engine takes care of finding relevant activity. Within seconds, you get only the video clips that matter. Finding video information has never been easier, or faster.

Notification from cloud video surveillance system example

Video That Proactively Notifies You of Security Incidents

Many video systems are just recorders. KastleVideo is smart. Now, through advances in analytics, you can set rules for what you care about most. For instance, the system can be programmed to let you know when someone is in an area they shouldn’t be. When something important happens, you are proactively made aware through push notifications to your phone and portal.

Video Sharing That is Made Simple

The days burning video images from your DVR are over. Now it’s as simple as click, save, and email, right from your desktop.

The World’s First Cloud Video Recorder (CVR)

No complex hardware such as a digital video recorder (DVR) is required on-site. To see your facility in real-time and review recent events, all you need is a password. You can log in and do everything you need. Better still, you no longer need to worry about having an IT expert on staff to manage the hardware or deal with replacing it every 3-5 years.

Cloud based video surveillance camera

Engineered to Save You Money by Utilising Your Existing Cameras

A new and improved video system doesn’t have to mean throwing out what you have. We’ve engineered our system to be able to work with your existing technology while adding the power of accessing video from anywhere, cloud based backup, simple search and proactive notifications through analytics. Whether you want to replace one camera, or all of them, we give you a pragmatic and economic way to upgrade your video to the next generation.

Managed Video Cloud Surveillance as a Service

When it comes to cloud based video surveillance, Kastle Systems does it all. This takes the burden off of you, saving you money, time and valuable resources. It allows you to focus on your core business while Kastle focuses on keeping your space secure and updating you on the latest value added breakthroughs.