View these informative Kastle System’s Webinars to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the security industry and how they impact you.

As many organisations continue to plan for reopening their workplaces, we share some of our recent observations and those one of our partners on how businesses are navigating this transition.

In this webinar, Kastle’s CEO Haniel Lynn and Todd Burner, Chief Product Officer, and Jennifer Burns, SVP of Property Management and Operations at Monday Properties, explore three main topics:

  1. A brief update regarding KastleSafeSpaces, our framework for a safe return to the office.
  2. A practical dialogue with a one of our key partners currently implementing many of the aspects of KastleSafeSpaces at the building level.
  3. A deeper examination into the use of health screening questions as localities increasingly are mandating the safety measure for employees and visitors.

Kastle’s CEO Haniel Lynn and Todd Burner, Chief Product Officer, hosts an informative webinar on leveraging key technology and processes for managers and building owners to confidently reopen their spaces.

In this webinar, they talk about the four pillars of safety (Everything is Touchless, Screen In/Screen Out, Contact Tracing and Social Distancing) and Kastle’s innovative solution KastleSafeSpaces, an integrated Covid-19 safety program, that will help mitigate health safety risks for staff and occupants in re-opening offices.

Communication technology continues to improve – but communicating with a group during a crisis continues to lag. The old ways of communicating no longer suffice in today’s emergency environments.

Listen to our webinar about emergency mass communications, to learn how mobile is the right solution across campuses and in multi-tenant office buildings to stay connected in a crisis.


Listen to this  thirty-minute webinar featuring RCM&D’s Richard Shaw, a senior executive with 28 years of property & casualty experience in the construction industry and Dave Fisher, a general manager for Kastle’s construction security practice to learn how you can better manage and mitigate jobsite risk. See specific examples of how leading construction companies like Clemens Construction Company are reducing risk by leveraging innovative new technologies.

At the end of this webinar you will understand jobsite risk from a policy holder’s perspective, learn 4 strategies for mitigating jobsite risk, see new technologies that prevent crime & reduce liability, and hear case studies from leading construction companies.


Is your organisation ready today for the threats of tomorrow? New potential security risks are emerging every day, but so are the security technologies to combat them.

Listen to our webinar about the future of office space security, and learn how today’s technologies can help you efficiently prosecute – and help prevent – security incidents in your facility. See specific examples of how you can use the latest access systems, video analytics, mobile solutions, crowd-sourcing, and cloud capabilities to make your workspaces safer than ever, while also making it simpler to understand what’s going on in your facility & address any vulnerabilities in your office space.


The Smart, Connected Workplace
– Joint Webinar with JLL and Akridge
The smart building is expanding into the “smart workplace.” As building systems become more automated and integrated, many of these same technologies are being extended into the workplace to provide a personalised environment and an enhanced end user experience. With the impact of the IoT across many aspects of our day-to-day lives, what are the applications of the IoT across the workplace? What kinds of mobile apps are available for building and workplace systems? Speakers will discuss and present new technologies for workplace solutions such as access control, presence detection, occupancy planning, asset tracking, and other applications. Learn the benefits of obtaining, analysing, and reporting real-time data to maximise both operational and functional efficiencies.

Learn how leading property managers are adding value to their spaces with KastlePresence®:

  • Provides security from the perimeter to the individual.
  • Enables greater safety through smarter, faster emergency response.
  • Improves daily access convenience with hands-free technology.
  • Provides better insights into what’s going on in your office or building.

Redefining the Modern Workplace Experience
– Joint Webinar with JLL 

The workplace of the future is the Smart Building. One that leverages the latest in mobile and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies to collect and analyse data – providing insight into what and where things are happening in the building, and how people are actually using space. This data allows building owners to offer a suite of personalised services and location-based amenities to the occupants, while improving security, provide better space utilisation, and energy optimisation. This webcast will bring you up to speed on the latest movement in commercial real estate that redefines the modern workplace experience.

Nik Gagvani explains how you can use Kastle’s award-winning video solution to:

  • Manage multiple locations from a single office, keeping up with vendors and contractors using web and mobile video feeds (e.g. vendor work or snow removal).
  • Receive smartphone notifications that instantly alert them to activities on their property, preventing security incidents before they occur, and remotely seeing events as they unfold.
  • Find video in seconds using an industry-first video search engine that’s as easy as searching Google from a single location, saving hours of investigating incidents for multiple properties.

Want to learn how security technology is evolving to make occupants safer, buildings smarter and access more convenient? Click below to listen to Kastle’s very own Jennifer Epstein and Marc Silverman speak with Paul Berry on WWRC 1260AM Streetwise. From using your smartphone to access doors hands-free, to energy and cost savings from system integration, you’ll hear how security is doing more than just keeping you safe.