Environmental Control

Preventing Disasters with Critical Sensor Monitoring

Kastle critical sensor monitoring protects your systems from a variety of potential disasters caused by unexpected changes in the environment including overheating in the IT room, equipment tampering, HVAC system indicators, power outages or even rising water levels. Kastle provides immediate notification of critical environmental or system changes so you can take action before the damage is done.

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Kastle Provides the Following Sensor Monitoring Services:

Room & Equipment Temperature Monitoring
Ensures that heat sensitive areas such as a server or elevator control room remain consistently at the desired temperatures.

Water Level Measurement
In the event of rising indoor water levels, Kastle detects and alerts to prevent or mitigate damage or destruction.

Loss of Power Notification
If, for any reason, there is a loss of communication or power in your building, Kastle will initiate your customised protocols to assist in resolving the issue.

System Off Alert
If your system is turned off, Kastle will respond to this as an event and take action to ensure the system is rebooted and running properly. Kastle specialists will then determine the cause of this event.

Equipment Tamper Monitoring
Kastle detects changes in equipment and monitors for interference.