Recycling & Scrap Yard Remote Surveillance System

Stop Theft. Save Money.

Kastle Systems’ scrap yard remote surveillance system offers scrap and recycling yards protection from theft and loss. We transform how you protect your business by proactively detecting intruders and responding immediately to security events. Kastle is proud to be the leading provider of remote video guarding across the nation – preventing loss and saving you money.

Video Guarding That’s Guaranteed to Detect Intruders

  • Video analytics based “smart” HD cameras automatically detect people or vehicles
  • Live audio challenge can be issued to scare off intruders
  • Nought false alarms
  • Monitored by Kastle’s own Australian Standards AS2201.2 and TMA 5 Diamond Certified Central Stations
  • Remotely manage your yard from any device or smart phone
  • Handtilt zoom to get the detail you need

Stop Theft and Vandalism- Before it Happens!

Reduce liability and deter theft and vandalism with Kastle’s live audio-talk down. Watch the clip to see firsthand how effectively Kastle deters would be trespassers!  As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And, the system can also be used as a PA system from any telephone to communicate real time with persons onsite from anywhere in the world.

Scrap Yard Security Guard Replacement

  • Where guards sometimes fail, our video surveillance service succeeds
  • Save thousands in operating costs (compared to night watchmen)
  • Never sleeps, doesn’t steal and saves money

Stop Fires Before They Start

  • Thermography cameras detect dangerous heat temperatures in equipment
  • Cameras proactively notify you of dangerous temperatures
  • Video is verified by Kastle’s 24×7 monitoring centers
  • Ability to pull fire into separate section with thermography picture

Scrap Yard Live Video Monitoring Solutions

Kastle offers a complete range of security solutions and integrated services to ensure the safety and protection of your scrap and recycling yards, your employees, and your valuable assets.