Managed Access Control Systems

State-of-the-Art in Security and Convenience

Kastle Systems is the industry’s leading provider of cloud-based managed access control systems and is recognised by peers as best in class. We understand what commercial and multifamily spaces require to protect their people and property, and act as an outsourced partner. You can count on us, as part of your team, to complete the tasks that maintain security integrity day in and day out. You can count on us to monitor and respond to critical security alarms at industry-best levels.  You can count on us to warranty and maintain the proper functioning of your system 24×7. When Kastle is your partner for Access Control, you can count on having complete peace of mind.

Employee entering an office with access control

Making it Easy for End Users and Administrators Alike

Many access control systems store each credential separately. A single employee might have many records and credentials. This leads to access and security issues. With Kastle, an employee is recorded only once and every credential is associated with that person. Going further, we sync our access system with your authoritative source. The result is that onboarding and off-boarding is automatically controlled and end users can use a single credential to easily access multiple offices or spaces. Kastle’s approach is not only the most convenient, but is also the most secure.

Hands holding diagram of security symbols

24×7 Access Control Security

When you buy a Kastle system, you’re buying a service that is always there for you.  We take care of everything so you can focus on your core business without having to worry about day-to-day security administration or upgrades. Beyond monitoring your alarms, we configure your systems, we maintain procedures, we rapidly respond to requests, we repair hardware when it is needed and we actively health check and report on your security. All of this makes your day easier but, most importantly, makes your space safer. We are there for you 24×7 protecting what’s most important to you.

Employee monitoring an access control system

Not Just Redundant – Disaster Resilient

The access control readers on a door are a small part of a total security system. Kastle has invested in building an industry leading disaster resilient system so you know your security is always in place. All of your systems, and data, are backed up while also adhering to the Government’s most strict data protection policies. All of your alarms are transmitted to us in multiple geographically dispersed facilities so you are guaranteed the highest level of resiliency and response. Our operations centers are Australian Standards AS2201.2 and even TMA 5 Diamond Certified. With Kastle, you get the world’s most advanced infrastructure – behind every door reader you install.

Access control office door reader

Security That’s Also an Amenity

We not only run your system and respond to security issues, we think about and add value to all parts of the security equation. The look and design of your building, office or apartment property is important. Therefore, we created hand-crafted Signature Readers that proudly display your logo etched in glass. We’ve even thought about the user experience and have changed the form factor of the credential by developing a coin-sised PhoneTag that adheres to your phone and an innovative app-based mobile credential that allows you to use your smartphone to open the door, hands-free. At Kastle, we know what’s important to you and pay attention to the smallest details – as we know they make a big difference.

Person holding a mobile smartphone device

From Access Control to Smart Offices.  Let us Show you the Future.

Your smartphone is the new key to the workplace. And it’s also a key to doing more for users and managers than ever before. Learn how KastlePresence® is reinventing access control again to make your workplace safer, smarter and more convenient.

Employee pointing to an open lock symbol

Access and Identity Management Combined for Greater Security

With Kastle, your access control system and your company’s HR system can work in harmony. Through an industry standard approach, we sync our database to your authoritative source. This way, enrolling new employees is automated and the minute someone leaves the company their access privileges are revoked. It saves times and steps while enhancing your security.

Access Control as a Service

When it comes to access control, Kastle Systems does it all. This takes the burden off of you, saving you money, time and valuable resources. It allows you to focus on your core business while Kastle focuses on keeping your space secure and updating you on the latest value added breakthroughs.