Kastle Systems’ Managed Security for Commercial Buildings 

Kastle’s managed access control security service is making commercial property managers’ lives easier by taking full ownership of their building security, improve operational efficiency, enhance access security with innovative technology, lower overall cost of ownership and creating a better tenant experience.

Kastle Systems’ Managed Security for Enterprise Businesses 

See how Kastle’s managed access control security service helps enterprise businesses simplify security by consolidating access credentials, standardise policies across offices, improve operational efficiency and lower overall cost of ownership while enhancing the protection of their essential assets.

Kastle Systems’ Managed Security for Apartment Properties 

See how Kastle’s managed access control security system is helping apartment property managers use access control as a marketable amenity, improve operational efficiency and enhance the resident experience.

Kastle Systems’ Cloud Video Surveillance Solution 

Kastle’s cloud video solution is redefining video surveillance. We show our response to current problems and trends in the security industry with our innovative video solution that has a revolutionary video search engine that’s as easy to use as google and advance video analytics, all backed by our world class geo-dispersed operations centers.

Putting a Lock on the Security Tech Industry

See how Kastle creates some of the industry’s most advanced security technology.

KastlePresence®: Making Spaces Safer, Smarter and More Convenient

Your smartphone is your new key to your space. Kastle Systems’ innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solution, KastlePresence, provides breakthrough convenience with hands-free mobile access and makes occupants safer, buildings smarter and access more convenient.

KastleConnect: Leveraging the power of PLAI, the industry standard for Physical Logical Access Interoperability

Learn how PLAI can be used to synchronise disparate PACS systems and simplify the integration by allowing the normalisation of data between systems. Contact Kastle to learn how we can put the Power of PLAI to work for your enterprise with KastleConnect.

KastleVideo® Tutorial

KastleVideo allows you to receive and view highly detailed images with HD quality. Another feature: You can access your video cameras – anytime and anywhere – to monitor what’s happening in real time or to review past events. Your home computer, laptop, tablet, and even your smartphone are now tools in your tool kit for video surveillance – and you can do this securely using built-in encrypted communications.

VideoGuarding® Solutions

Watch how Kastle’s VideoGuarding solutions for the scrap and recycling industries stop theft and save money. Using a combination of video analytics, live audio talk down, and remote video monitoring, VideoGuarding ensures the safety and protection of your people and valued assets while reducing your liability and risk.