Coworking Space Security

Kastle Systems is the Answer to Flexible Office Space Security

Incubator spaces create a great, collaborative work environment, but can also create a false sense of security. These types of environments require a unique approach to access control and visitor management and lend themselves to harness the power of today’s advanced security technologies – adding more insight for managers, and cool technology for those who go to work there.

A flexible office space with security system

Why Kastle for Your Coworking Access Control & Security System?

  • A single credential to access all of your spaces across the country
  • Dedicated 24×7 monitoring, response and service
  • A standards-based approach for interoperability and integration
  • A dedicated point of contact, and team, that understands your unique needs and fulfills them consistently
  • Web-based tools for centralised visibility and control, including mobile capabilities
  • Offsite hosting provides superior system back-up and disaster recovery
Desk in a coworking space

Only Kastle Has the Power of One

Kastle is an end-to-end solutions provider for coworking spaces. As your partner, we are the one company you can count on to design, install and operate your security 24×7. Our web-based tools are federated so that you can see and access all offices from one central place. You receive a dedicated account manager, and team, that becomes familiar with you and works as part of your team. You can even throw out your many credentials and instead start using just one to access every one of your offices – whether that’s a card, a key or a new mobile credential that uses your phone to open the door. By bringing it all together we not only make life easier but, more importantly, we unite your spaces under a common program for enhanced safety and security for all of your employees and facilities.

Wireless lock for shared office space access control system

Wireless Locks

Largely due to the expense of conduit, a wired reader and lock (access control) on internal doors has been cost prohibitive for many incubator spaces. With that, owners find themselves reverting back to lock and key, which increases the possibility of theft, and leaves no accountability of who is getting into different spaces. Through a recent partnership with Allegion and their integrated wireless lock, it is now possible to add access control on internal doors without the extra expense. The most exciting aspect of this is that you can manage all access through our website- without having to visit each individual door for programming.

Bluetooth check in reader

Check In Reader

Do you have a pay-per-use program for tenants to use your space, or simply want to know when/how often individuals or corporate tenants are using your space? A check-in reader working with either optical codes or Bluetooth credentials can be installed to track usage patterns and help you better predict and optimise occupancy in your space.

Dome camera for coworking space security monitoring

Remote Video Monitoring

Do you have an easy, web-based video solution installed in your office? In addition to valuable security, a camera can also be used by tenants to determine how busy your space is so they can decide if they want to use the space that day. Restrictions can be placed on the camera(s) so the tenants only have viewing capabilities, where as you and your admin retain full rights. A great idea is to put the camera url (remember, web-based!) right on your landing page so that it’s easy for your tenants to access.

Image representing an integrated security network

Security System Integration

Kastle’s platform provides an authoritative identity source connection for easy on- and off-boarding and management of role-based access control. A simple web API enables 3rd party visitor management/reservation platforms to specify person, credential format, visit duration, and areas for temporary access in order to seamlessly generate and deliver the required digital credential to your users.

An employee’s digital credential for coworking access control

Hands-Free Shared Office Space Access Control System (Digital Credential)

The last piece you should consider is our latest innovation, KastlePresence. This allows your traditional “cardholder” to download an app to access the space, and utilising Bluetooth, leave their phone in their pocket or bag to get into the space. It is a completely hands-free access experience- no more presenting a card. For you, the Bluetooth allows for closer tracking of occupancy, as it captures both entry and exit data.

Solutions for Coworking & Shared Office Space Security

Kastle offers a complete range of security solutions and integrated services to ensure the safety and protection of your coworking spaces, your employees, and your valuable assets.