Mark Ein

Kastle Systems Chairman

Mark D. Ein is an investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, who has created, acquired, invested in and built a series of growth companies across a diverse set of industries over the course of his 25-year career. During this time, Mr. Ein has been involved in the … Read More

Piyush Sodha


Piyush Sodha is the Co-Chairman of Kastle Systems International. In addition, Mr. Sodha has also been a part owner of Kastle Systems International since 2008. Over the last 20 years, Mr. Sodha has been the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of several world leading technology and telecommunication companies.  Prior to joining Kastle, … Read More

Haniel J. Lynn

Chief Executive Officer

Haniel J. Lynn is the Chief Executive Officer of Kastle Systems International (KSI), the industry leader in managed security solutions and services consisting of a family of five security brands including Kastle Systems, Mutual Security Services, Stat Land Security Services, CheckVideo and Urban Alarm. Mr. Lynn … Read More

John Gellel

General Manager - Australia

John Gellel is the General Manager of Kastle’s Australian operations. With over 20 years’ experience in electronic security, John has extensive knowledge in delivering integrated security solutions across a range of corporate, government, and private industries, and regularly spends time with organizations to understand market … Read More

Mohammad Soleimani

Chief Technology Officer

Mohammad Soleimani is Kastle Systems’ Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for all aspects of Kastle Systems’ development and IT efforts. Most recently, Mohammad served as Chairman of the Board for SoleNet, Inc., an engineering services company focused on developing state of the art communications equipment. From … Read More

Tom Radigan

Chief Customer Officer

Tom Radigan is Kastle Systems’ Chief Customer Officer and is responsible for the alignment of company processes, resources and attitude to ensure that the customer experience is more efficient, more effective and less intrusive every day. Tom began his Kastle career more than 25 years ago in … Read More

Ralph Masino

Chief Financial Officer

Ralph Masino is Kastle Systems’ Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for managing overall financial strategy including financing, acquisition analysis, capital usage, risk management and business profitability. Ralph brings more than 25 years of extensive financial knowledge and executive leadership experience from his work with publicly traded, private … Read More

Jake Heinz

Chief Marketing Officer

Jake Heinz is Kastle Systems’ Chief Marketing Officer. He is responsible for connecting the innovations of the company’s product organization to the customer-focused operations of the business units to build awareness and drive customer preference through all channels. In this role, Heinz oversees the management … Read More

Bob Ryan - Chief Sales Officer

Bob Ryan

Chief Sales Officer

Bob Ryan is Kastle Systems’ Chief Sales Officer. He is responsible for driving sales for Kastle’s core operations, working directly with regional sales teams and company leaders. In this role, Mr. Ryan leads the sales organization and drives the culture that enables Kastle to continue … Read More

Todd Burner

Chief Product Officer

Todd Burner is the Chief Product Officer for Kastle Systems International and is responsible for ensuring short- and long-term revenue growth by setting product strategy, pricing, and go-to-market strategy for new and existing offerings. Before joining Kastle in 2019, Mr. Burner spent 12 years with … Read More

Brook Carlon

Chief Human Resources Officer

Brook Carlon is the Chief Human Resources Officer for Kastle Systems International and is responsible for leading the company’s global Human Resources function where she is focused on ensuring people strategies and services that engage and support the best-qualified staff to meet our clients’ needs. … Read More

Mike Slauson

General Manager - Southern Region

Mike Slauson, based in Houston, Texas, is responsible for sales, operations and development for Kastle’s Central Region. Offices in the Central Region include the Midwestern office in Chicago and the Southern office serving Houston and Dallas. Prior to joining Kastle Systems, Mike was with UTC Fire and … Read More

Andrea Kuhn

General Manager - Midwestern Region

Andrea M. Kuhn is the General Manager of Kastle Systems’ Midwestern Region. Andrea is responsible for the new business development as well as the operational success of Kastle’s Chicago-based office. A native of the Chicago area, Andrea began her career with Kastle in 2005. After … Read More

Harry Choi

General Manager - Enterprise Accounts

Harry Choi is Kastle Systems’ General Manager of Enterprise Accounts, a business unit dedicated to serving national enterprise clients as a single service provider from sales to support. Harry has over 15 years of domestic and international sales, operation and support experience in IT, cloud … Read More

Robert Kieffer

General Manager - Philadelphia

Robert E. Kieffer is responsible for regional operations and development for Kastle Systems’ Philadelphia office. Joining Kastle in Arlington, Virginia in 1976, Bob served as a Central Station Monitor, Central Station Manager, and Franchise Support Manager. He directed installation of a large security system for Texas Instruments … Read More