Case Studies

| Commercial Real Estate

Property Group Partners

Kastle secures their portfolio with government level security using access control and video surveillance technologies across all three office buildings.

The Shoohan Company

Shoohan company chose Kastle to secure Liberty Centers’ office buildings with an innovative video surveillance solution KastleVideo.

Fifth Street Management

Fifth Street Management enhances security while saving money.

Carbon Companies

Carbon Companies chose Kastle to implemented three unique security solutions to appeal to new and existing tenants.

| Tennant Offices, Enterprise Locations

Law Firm Security

Case study outlines why a global law firm with a diverse client base and Fortune 500 companies select Kastle to standardise, enhance, and manage their firm-wide security.

Crayton Advisors

Kastle delivered one innovative security solution for Craton Advisor’s V Collective portfolio of four separate office buildings.

Living Social

Enterprise security with Kastle Systems enables efficient business operations and enhanced occupant experience.


Kastle’s mobile-based access control solution KastlePresence enables hands-free access at SixFour3 to redefine a self-service training center experience.

| Apartments

Winn Residential

Kastle partnered with WINN Properties to safeguard their community and enhance the resident experience.

Rose Hill Apartments

Rose Hill of Alexandria Apartments deploys KastlePresence; creating
a valuable amenity for residents and management alike.

| Mixed-Use Real Estate

The Wharf

The District Wharf chose Kastle’s cloud-based video surveillance system for improved video analytics, guard effieciency, and light footprint.

The Peterson Companies

Kastle protects and secures Peterson Companies’ National Harbor with a unique access control and fire monitoring system solutions.

| Construction Sites

Wellcraft Construction Company

WellCraft Construction Company

Kastle’s MobileSentry solution improve job site security and mitigate risk for Wellcraft Construction Company.

C3 – Clemens Construction Company

Kastle Systems and Clemens Construction Company partner to eliminate job site theft & vandalism.

| Industrial: Manufacturing, Recycling, Auto

Specialty Ring Products

Kastle’s superior VideoGuarding solution helped Specialty Ring Products reduce liability and cut operation cost.

Lee Iron

Kastle protects and secures Lee Iron scrap metal yard while reducing operational cost and liabilities.