Enterprise Business Security Systems

An Enterprise Business Security System & Service to Standardize Your Security

A common problem facing many multi-location businesses today is the wide array of business security systems, providers and points of contact they have for the security of their offices. This results in unwanted costs and complexity while preventing true standardization of corporate security policies needed in today’s world. Kastle Systems’ managed services approach, and its national footprint, means that we can bring together systems, policies and services under one platform with one point of contact. With Kastle, enterprises can create an enhanced, consistent security practice common to all offices while reducing overall complexity.

Why Kastle Security Systems for Business?

  • A single credential to access all of your offices across the country
  • Dedicated 24×7 monitoring, response and service
  • A standards-based approach for interoperability and lower cost of ownership
  • A dedicated point of contact, and team, that understands your unique needs and fulfills them consistently
  • Web-based tools for centralized visibility and control, including mobile capabilities
  • Offsite hosting provides superior system back-up and disaster recovery

Only Kastle Can Offer You The Power of One

Kastle is an end-to-end solutions provider for enterprises. As your partner, we are the one company you can count on to design, install and operate your business security systems 24×7. Our web-based tools are federated so that you can see and access all offices from one central place. You receive a dedicated account manager, and team, that becomes familiar with you and works as part of your team. You can even throw out your many credentials and instead start using just one to access every one of your offices – whether that’s a card, a key or a new mobile credential that uses your phone to open the door. By bringing it all together we not only make life easier but, more importantly, we unite your offices under a common program for enhanced safety and security for all of your employees and facilities.

Enterprise Security Solutions

Kastle offers a complete range of security solutions and integrated services to ensure the safety and protection of your business, your employees, and your valuable assets.