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The #1 National Provider of Security Systems For Commercial Buildings

Kastle Systems is the leading security provider of commercial building security systems. Our company began through collaboration with property managers, building owners, engineers, administrators and security professionals to build a service that meets the unique needs of these properties and provides the industry’s best security and amenities for building occupants. And we’ve thoughtfully grown that service over four decades.

Commercial owners select us not only for our depth of experience in the market but also because we use our familiarity to drive new innovative solutions that enhance the security convenience and performance of commercial spaces.

We Earn Your Partnership Every Day

Kastle is not like other providers who sell equipment and then leave you to run the system. Security is a complex and critical specialty. So, Kastle partners with you as an extended member of your team. We help you design the right systems for your building, integrate systems to make things work seamlessly and are at your service 24X7 for your requests and to monitor your facility against any incident that could cause harm.

Why Kastle for Commercial Real Estate?

  • The pioneer of managed access control in 1972 with over four decades of hands on experience
  • Experience from protecting 460 million square feet secured in in over 10,000 buildings and tenant spaces in 47 states
  • Security partner to over 10,000 buildings and tenants
  • A standards-based approach for interoperability and lower cost of ownership
  • A dedicated point of contact, and team, that understands your unique needs and fulfills them consistently
  • Web-based tools for centralised visibility, control and administration, including mobile capabilities
  • Recognised for industry firsts including managed security, smart cloud-based remote video monitoring, security and energy system integration, elevator integration, Outlook and Gmail based visitor management and hands-free, touchless access

Video Surveillance Can Maintain Security and Reduce Operating Cost

KastleSafeVideo is a robust remote video platform that can maintain workplace security while also reducing operating costs with the application Kastle’s cutting edge video technology. It provides clients with powerful video analytics and remote guarding services to bolster security without increasing staff at your office or commercial properties.

Clients can either:

  • Self-monitor their office spaces or buildings with live viewing, recorded event clips and push notifications, or
  • Employ Kastle’s monitoring expertise using smart cameras with artificial intelligence to provide real-time incident response from a new U.S.-based Video Security Operations Center (VSOC).

The live VSOC-supported options can help augment or replace guard staff:

  • Dispensing live remote audio talk-down to dissuade on-premise intruders, vandals or loitering individuals
  • Remote video patrols to make regular video sweeps across a property covering more area in less time than guards alone.

Solutions for Commercial Building Security

Kastle offers a complete range of security solutions and integrated services to ensure the safety and protection of your building, your employees, your tenants and your valuable assets.

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