Visitor Management System

The Industry’s Most Efficient Visitor Management Experience

KastleFrontOffice® delivers the most efficient visitor management experience in the industry. From the patented innovation that enables visitor registration directly from Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, to user-friendly barcodes that are emailed to visitors for a better check-in experience, KastleFrontOffice helps you securely increase your pre-authorised visitor rates and decrease wait times and congestion in your lobby. Kastle Systems’ patent-pending Visitor Management system is a true security amenity.

Person working on a computer visitor system

A Breakthrough in Visitor Pre-Authorisation and Processing

Through integration with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, KastleFrontOffice now allows you to preauthorise a visitor. And that’s not all: The visitor management system will automatically send invites, maintain tight control for visitor access timeframes, and even assign and share a barcode for each visitor, allowing entry into your facility in a fast, efficient manner.

Custom visitor management badge

Image Display & Custom Badges

Kastle ensures that the faces and names of your employees and visitors match up. Whether it is a check-in reader that pulls up official photos of each credential holder at a security or reception desk, or customised badges that correspond to employee status, department, hierarchy or location, Kastle’s Image Display and Photo Badge solutions help you verify that only authorised individuals are able to come and go.

Visitor management software example image

A Watch List for Added Security and Care

You may have a watch list – those people who you need to stop from coming into your building, or, alternatively, VIPs, for whom you want to provide special care. Our visitor management system accommodates a built-in watch list alerting the guard or concierge staff of certain individuals on the premise so that they can take the necessary steps to either protect your building or give special attention to greeting and processing VIPs.

Visitor Management as a Service

When it comes to visitor management, Kastle Systems does it all. This takes the burden off of you, saving you money, time and valuable resources. It allows you to focus on your core business while Kastle focuses on keeping your space secure and updating you on the latest value added breakthroughs.