COVID-19 Planning

We are focused maintaining our high level of support and have instituted the following steps in a continuing effort to eliminate any impact to our customers:


  • Following all the CDC-recommended guidelines to prevent the spread of the disease including but not limited to internal guidance on hygiene, disinfecting work areas, social distancing, disclosure of travel in high risk regions and contact with anyone suspected of having contracted COVID-19.
  • Providing additional cleaning / disinfectant supplies to our employees to assist in their hygiene as we also have increased the frequency of our facilities cleaning.
  • Instructing Kastle technicians to wipe down all surfaces upon completion of an install or repair work order at a customer site.
  • Implementing additional guidelines that limit face-to-face contact including elimination of large-scale meetings, reduction of business travel, and remote teleconferencing of smaller meetings whenever possible.
  • Isolating our Operations Center staff that handle customer monitoring and communications from unnecessary external traffic.
  • Promoting preventive care throughout the year to encourage employees to get flu vaccines and provides financial assistance to employees for flu vaccines.


  • Instituting a liberal leave policy that encourages staff to self-identify the onset of illness and requires a doctor’s permission to return to work.
  • Enacting contingency plans for all essential employees to work remotely using advanced cloud-based VoIP phone and monitoring workstation technology.
  • Establishing extended work hour policies to ensure that we are continuously staffed to meet customer demand and to compensate for any potential lost capacity.


  • Maintaining our business continuity plan to ensure continued information flow including internal and emergency communications to our employees and subcontractors.


A letter from our CEO on 3/12/20

Valued Kastle Client, 

At a time when news of the coronavirus disease dominates headlines and our workplace attention, I wanted to personally share with you Kastle’s preparedness status as we continue to focus on delivering world-class security to our clients. While we all continue to monitor the progression of the virus and the situation remains dynamic, please rest assured that we have worked diligently to prepare for and plan our COVID-19 response to maintain continuity of service.  

Kastle will continue operations throughout this critical situation and are committed to the 24×7 support for which we are known. As inherent in our managed service approach, we have you covered so that you can focus on your customers and on running the business, including addressing any pressing health related concerns of employees, tenants and residents.    

If you are interested in the specific details of our COVID-19 response you can find them here: The link provides the latest on our internal efforts to ensure uninterrupted service for our clients. We will keep this site updated as the situation evolves. 

Please let us know if we can provide additional assistance to your organization including: 

  • Lockdown of access to common areas likefitness centers in multifamily or commercial properties  
  • Analysissupport to identify the access history of any potential high infection risk individuals within your property or workplace and others with whom they may have interacted 
  • Insightsaround occupancy and traffic patterns of tenant companies and visitors to potentially help with energy and space management during this time of flux 

A unique benefit of Kastle’s physical security systems integrated with identity or visitor management is that you have access to event data for individuals entering your space or property over timeWe can respect confidentiality while providing data that facilitates faster identification of who an individual possibly encounteredPlease don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be helpful. 

This is an unprecedented challenge for our collective community, but we at Kastle are prepared to meet it. Our customer-centric, safety-first mindset and entrepreneurial spirit that has driven almost half a century of innovation in security will enable our staff to adapt to changing conditions with unwavering commitment to keeping your spaces safe. We appreciate the faith and trust that you put in our organization to keep you secure. 


Haniel Lynn 

CEO, Kastle Systems